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Shorter URLs to get you more productive


I am big fan of computer shortcuts and try and inculcate as many as I can in my daily workflows. So far I have been focussed on being productive in the desktop tools that I use daily.

Comimg to Browsers, they are the gateway to internet and more and more tools are browser native and its increasing as we speak. Right from IDE's(Development environments) like vscode, Communication tools like teams/slack, Documentation platforms like Microsoft Docs/Google Docs/Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets, Mail Platforms like Office 365/Gmail to the Latest LLM's Microsoft Co-Pilot/Perplexity, most run on browser and can be used by one and all.

I have been using some shortcuts like and and I was looking to see if there are more such shortcuts that can be used.

One can setup url shortener's as shortcut to application url's , but that needs some work and maintenance.

Today, I would like to share few shortcuts that are already public and set by companies themselves and are available for one and all to use. The suffix is .new (same for all), prefix is a noun/verb.

Here is a list of compiled url shortcuts:

Short LinkApplication NameWhat it does?Additional Info
check.newChecklyCreate a javascript browser check using ChecklyMonitoring platform for API's, Automated UI tests
pen.newCodePenPrototype your frontend code in CodePen's online development sandboxThe best place to build, test, and discover front-end code
gist.newGitHubOpen new GitHub gistsPublic/Private gists on Github
GitHubOpen new GitHub repositories
resumes.newCanvaCreate a professional-looking resume using templates from Canva
designs.newCanvaCreate a new design using beautiful, customizable templates from Canva
workers.newCloudFlareCreate a service dashboard for deploying websites using CloudflareServerless execution environment to static site hosting, edge based data processing, serverless api with a quite generous free plan
pl.newRazorpayCreate a new payment link with Razorpay
tables.newGoogleTrack your work and projects using TablesAvailable only in US, did not know it existed. Thanks .new
BitlyCreate memorable, short links to your website with Bitly
GoogleCreate and send a new Google Calendar inviteBig time saver
GoogleCreate a new document using Google DocsBig time saver
GoogleCreate a new form using Google FormsBig time saver
meet.newGoogleLaunch a real-time meeting from your browser using Google MeetBig time saver, frequently used for adhoc meetings :)
GoogleCreate a new spreadsheet using Google SheetsBig time saver
GoogleCreate an online presentation using Google Slides
excel.newMicrosoft ExcelCreate a spreadsheet using Excel.
Microsoft PowerPointCreate a new presentation using PowerPoint
sway.newMicrosoft SwayCreate beautiful designs using Microsoft Sway.
Microsoft WordCreate a new document using Word designed components that you can copy and paste into your appsMust try if you have not yet tried shadcn-ui and send emails using React source CalendlyYour personalized scheduling infrastructure


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