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Architectural Patterns and Use Cases Quick Reference


Drew up use cases of the most used Architectural patterns, The idea was to have a quick summary/reference on which pattern will be useful for similar problem statements.

Please add more use cases as appropriate.

Architectural PatternUse Cases
Layered PatternEcommerce Web App, Desktop App, network protocols
Client Server PatternEmail, document sharing, messaging, browser-server request
Master-slave PatternDatabase replication, Parallel Compute
Pipe-filter PatternCompilers, Workflows for data processing, Unix commands
Broker PatternMQ for async processing
Peer-Peer PatternBitcoin, torrent, P2P messaging/file sharing, DNS
Event-Bus PatternPub-Sub, Data handling, Notifications
Model-View Controller PatternRails, ASP .NET MVC, Django
Blackboard PatternFacial & Speech recognition, Protien structure identification
Interpreter PatternSQL parsing, Javascript, PHP